~ Passive Stormwater Harvesting and Erosion Control Workshop ~
On April 15th & 16th, a two-day Passive Stormwater Harvesting and Erosion Control Workshop was sponsored by the Hereford NRCD and WaterWise UofA Cochise County Cooperative Extension.

On Friday, workshop participants learned about watershed health, floodplains and how all that rainwater moves down hills and across lands

On Saturday, participants learned how to "read" the land, how to decide what kind of erosion/passive stormwater harvesting structure to make, how to make straw wattle berms, zuni bowls, loose rock structures and wire-wrapped gabions.


Cado Daily, WaterWise Program Coordinator

Kim McReynolds, Cochise County Coop.                            Extension Natural Resources Agent

Tom Runyon, Ft. Huachcuca Hydrologist

Karen Riggs, Cochise County Engineer

Art Meen, NRCS Resource Planner

All of the Workshop Participants
(You worked hard and we
appreciate it!)

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