2011 NRCD/NRCS  Ranch Tour
 District and Mexico Ranchers

Spike Treatment Data (2 videos)
Coordinated Resource Management Plan 
History of the Hereford NRCD Land
Sands Ranch
Brookline Ranch
San Jose Ranch 
District Information
Agendas, Newsletters, Plans and Reports
Tree Planting 
Cochise County Fair Grounds
2011 Erosion Control Workshop
Approximately 5 acre property
Facts about the US/Mexico Border
Naco, Cochise County, Arizona (Video)

2013 Invasive Weed Workshop

Invasive Weeds  (3)
Herbicide and Insecticide Labels
How to Calibrate a Hand Sprayer (2)
Field Guides
To Southern Arizona Plants
Hereford Natural Resource Conservation District
Walnut Gulch Experimental Watershed
60 years of data, 58 sq mile site
Rain, erosion, sediment, runoff 
and much more
Web Soil Survey (NRCS)
Soil data and information produced by the National Cooperative Soil Survey.
A Look at Arizona Agriculture

2014 Range Management Workshop
includes powerpoint presentations
Pocket Guide to Grassland Birds of the Chihuahuan Desert